Accessories for Tracbot

Flexibility to nail the shot!
Your Tracbot can be accessorized to meet any number of conditions–so that you can nail your shots!


Ball Head Mount

The Ball Head accessory is attached to the top of the Tracbot in order to expand camera-mounting options. It includes a single 1/4″-20 screw on a ball socket pivot for mounting many types of cameras and lights.

  • Your Price: $19.95


Top Mount

The Top Mount accessory is attached to the top of the Tracbot in order to expand camera-mounting options, and it makes attaching a quick-release plate an easy task. It allows for multiple 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 screws to be used to mount your camera or quick-release plate very securely.

  • Your Price: $190


Base Mount

The Base Mount is attached to the bottom of the Tracbot in order to make tripod or other mounting options more robust. It provides one standard 1/4″-20 screw-mounting tap, as well as two standard 3/8″-16 screw-mounting taps, so that up to three screws can mount the Tracbot firmly onto a tripod, dolly, Steadicam, or other device.

  • Your Price: $130



This Convenience lanyard is worn around a subject’s neck. It has embedded magnets, enabling quick attachment of Dots that are equally spaced. It is intended to be worn outside of collars or clothing. The magnets indicate where where the Dots should be placed. With a lanyard and four Dots, a subject can turn and move any direction and the Tracbot will still see and follow at least one Dot at all times.

  • Your Price: $119


Tablet Mount

This Tablet Mount enables easy attachment of a tablets to a Tracbot (requires companion use of a Ball Head Mount accessory). This Tablet Mount is recommended for use with the Tracbot, and extends in size to fit “all” tablets. Specifically it will work with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4, Amazon Fire, etc. This accessory uses a hand-adjustable screw and knob mechanism for expanding in size. Black in color, durable plastic material. It uses a standard 1/4-20″ thread to mount to a Ball Head Mount (and from there to the Tracbot).

  • Your Price: $29


Laptop Mount

This Laptop Mount enables Laptops to be mounted to the Tracbot. It is intended (and recommended) to be used with the Top Mount accessory for added stability. It is made of black sheet metal, and includes a safety strap to hold the laptop in place. It also includes a ridge along the sides so that the laptop cannot easily move sideways. It includes padding to rest the laptop on. It can be used with laptops, notebooks, tablets, or even lights and teleprompters.

  • Your Price: $59


Desktop Tripod

This Desktop Tripod provides a small, sturdy foundation for a Tracbot. It can handle mounted smartphones, tablets, camcorders, cameras or Laptops alike. It is not designed to be tall and heavy. Rather, it is designed to be short & stout. And to allow for quick setups on a table top. It has rubber feet, making it inclined to stay stationary. And its legs can be opened to a wide angle, allowing for a lot of stability. Maximum height of tripod & attached camera is less than 2 feet. NOTE: this tripod can attach directly to a Tracbot, or to a BaseMount accessory.

  • Your Price: $69


Bluetooth MIC and Earbuds

This Bluetooth Mic & Earbuds provide for easy connection to a Laptop, smartphone, or tablet which is in turn attached to a Tracbot. This mic allows for recording great audio to your iPad or other device while streaming or recording. It is perfect for teachers because it enables them to move around freely, and to turn their heads left or right, up or down, without interfering with the sound / audio pick up. It is much more effective than a mic attached to a lanyard that picks up sound through air.

  • Your Price: $49.95