The Most Accurate Tracking.

World-class tracking begins with our ridiculously small Dots.
Most people don’t notice them.
The Jigabot EX does.
Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot

IR Tracking

What makes Jigabot devices automatically follow a moving subject? IR Emitters, called “Dots”, are attached to subjects, and Jigabot devices sense & follow them.
It’s called IR Tracking, and it’s revolutionary because it works indoors, near or far, fast or slow, smoothly & responsively.

Dots are smaller than the diameter of a finger nail, they emit the signal that a Jigabot can sense and follow, and Dots are attached to subjects. And when subjects move around, the Jigabot EX senses the movement of the Dot and pans & tilts to follow the subject automatically.

Note: the Jigabot EX must be fitted with an IR Tracking kit in order to follow Dots.

Now you see me, Now they don't

Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot
Dots are incredibly small, yet they enable our Tracking Heads to “magically” point your camera, following you or others.
Dots are easy to attach, and can be tracked by our products up to hundreds of feet away indoors.

Connect the DOTS

It's simple to use DOTS

1. Attach DOTs to Clothing

Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot

2. Connect DOTs to Battery

Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot

3. Power ON & Track!

Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot
No complicated setup is required to use our Dots or other products. Four Dots and a Dot Driver battery pack are included the Dot Driver Kit. Rechargeable battery packs (Dot Drivers) last a little over an hour, and so you may want to purchase extras as spares.

What are the BENEFITS?

Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot
Now you don’t have to be facing the camera in order to be properly tracked

IR Tracking is more robust than face tracking. With IR Tracking, you can turn away from the camera altogether, or cover your face partially or fully for a time, and otherwise move about without worries!

Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot
Now you can track yourself or others, without anyone knowing that it’s happening

Dots are so small, that others don’t notice that you’re wearing them.

Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot
Now you can capture footage that is centered within the video frame, and smooooth!

IR Tracking is incredibly responsive & accurate. So you or your subject can move about normally and your footage will look smooth and professional.

Can you spot the DOTS?

Each “actor” in the below photos is “wearing” at least one dot. Can you spot the Dots?
Jigabot, auto-tracking camera robot


Dots include small infrared (IR) LEDs, which are powered by Dot Drivers, or power packs. Dots are essential to Auto Tracking, but are small enough not to be noticed. Auto Tracking is valuable whenever you need better quality tracking shots; better framed shots. Auto Tracking provides “insurance” that you will get the shot the first take, or that you get the shot when there is only one take—such as during a live-event shoot.

Auto Tracking Heads and Dots

To be responsive Auto Tracking Heads analyze Dots attached to the subject 90 times per second, then pan and/or tilt their motors 90 times per second. An Auto Tracking Head will analyze over 5 Million pixels in the subject’s scene 90 times per second, and thus determine very precisely where the subject is and where the motors need to move. Then Auto Tracking Head will constantly calculating velocities and predicting movements in order to provide the best possible smoothness for your live, tracking shots.