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Jigabot EX

Jigabot EX is an auto-tracking camera robot that can mount virtually any devices under 10 pounds, including cameras, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The Jigabot is completely free of interference and can be used with devices such as Dolly and Steadicam. It is made of aluminum and comes with a 25 months warranty.


Any camera under 10 pounds

Now you can get the best tracking without giving up your best camera.

Sure, we could have added a cheaply-made camera with high megapixels & optical zoom. But honestly, would any camera be better than what you already have from Sony*, Panasonic, Canon or Apple?
Instead, we focused on making the best auto-tracking camera robots. Which all means that we make your camera auto-follow, while your camera gives you great videos.

The Jigabot EX is an auto-tracking camera robot and this bundle includes one Dot Driver Kit, Four(4) dots, one Ball Head camera mount, a AC/DC power adapter, and waterproof, shockproof carrying case. The Dot Driver powers and controls the four included Dots and the Dots are tiny proprietary infrared emitters that the Jigabot EX follows automatically. Simply attach the Dots to yourself and power them on and Jigabot EX swivels to follow you automatically.


  • Weight: 3 lbs

  • Dimensions: 14 × 12 × 8 in

  • General Tracking Environments: Indoor, Limited sunlight environments

  • Tracking Range: 100 feet

  • General Construction: Aluminum construction, designed and built in the U.S.A.

  • Standard Camera Mount: 1/4"-20 screw stud on top

  • Standard Tripod Mount: 3/8-16” tap hole in base (1/4"-20 adapter included)

  • Motor: Geared stepper motor

  • Motor Torque: Holding Torque: 158.7Ncm

  • Power supply: DC power supply: 12V, 5A

  • IR Tracking Technology: Infrared (IR) signal generation via Dots and Dot Drivers

  • IR Tracking Sensor: IR Sensor module: 5 million pixels accuracy, 90 fps refresh rate

  • Payload: Up to 10 pounds (recommend less than 7.5 for smoothest movement)

  • Industry-Leading Warranty: 25 months parts & labor.

  • Product length: 6 inches

  • Product width: 2 inches

  • Product height: 4.2 inches