Uninterrupted Real-Time Monitoring

Tackle your mission-critical initiatives by combining low-latency delivery with reliable 24/7 continuity.


Flexible Deployment

Easily deploy Wowza’s platform in any environment — whether it’s a fleet of dash cams or a smart hospital ecosystem.


Powerful Integrations

Leverage AI/ML technology to build automation, object detection, and other smart capabilities into our battle-tested software and services.

Industries Benefiting The Most From Streaming Clouds


Security and Surveillance

Wowza’s proven technology delivers limitless functionality, thereby driving innovation in the video surveillance space.


Government Technology

Streaming technology promises to digitally transform public infrastructure, unlocking the countless possibilities of smart cities and more.


Monitoring & Diagnostics

From laparoscopies to telehealth, doctors can leverage our technology to modernize the way they treat and communicate with patients while also enhancing internal training and knowledge sharing.

Use Cases

Choose a service according to your purpose of use!