LiveShell 2

The World's most cost effective HD Live Streaming Device

Five years of live streaming devices refined by video professionals in 40 countries


(Wi-Fi dongle attached)

Micro USB

Set Up Port




Just connect your camcorder to LiveShell 2 via HDMI to go live and broadcast to YouTube Live, Ustream and RTMP servers. The "Dashboard" live streaming control panel can be controlled using your smartphone.

Live streaming without a PC

Control LiveShell 2 remotely via its web application “Dashboard”. With Dashboard, input selects, captions, video quality adjustments and more can be made without having to stop broadcasting.

User friendly, advanced Dashboard

Almost as light as your smartphone and measuring only 78mm x 113mm x 25mm. LiveShell 2 is small enough that you don't have to worry about taking it with you to live stream wherever you are.

Compact and portable

Only $299 for 720p H.264 live streaming

Available for only $299, LiveShell 2 features professional quality live streaming encoded in H.264+AAC, with a resolution of 720p and a bitrate of up to 10 Mbps.

Battery operated, stable connection

With a built in rechargeable battery that allows you to broadcast for 3.3 hours via either ethernet or the included 5GHz Wi-Fi, live streaming in any location is possible.


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