Using the latest video and audio compression technology, LiveShell PRO offers high quality live broadcasting encoded in H.264+AAC, with a resolution of 720p and a bitrate of up to 10 mbps. H.264 high, main and baseline profiles are supported. With LiveShell PRO it becomes easier to reach your audience as broadcasting can now be done on iOS devices and well as Android devices and PCs.

HD Live with H.264

Control LiveShell PRO remotely via its web application “Dashboard”. With Dashboard, volume adjustments, captions, video quality adjustments and more can be done on the fly without having to stop broadcasting. Dashboard is web based so requires no installation and works not only with your computer but also with your Android or iOS devices too.

Easy to operate on computers, tablets and smartphones

By default LiveShell PRO automatically adjusts the stream frame rate and image quality. User controlled options are also available for advanced users.

Automatic broadcast management

You can adjust the aspect ratio of the broadcast video to suit your needs. This feature is available for both 4:3 and 16:9 cameras.

Live aspect ratio changes

Enable captions using your computer, tablet or smartphone via LiveShell PRO’s Dashboard. Enter the captions and see them displayed live. The captions size, color, background color, position and other settings can be changed via Dashboard. You can also upload your own image and have it displayed instead of your captions.

Live captions

LiveShell PRO works perfectly with cameras that have HDMI or composite out. Up to 3 different audio inputs are available: one stereo microphone input for computer microphones, one line input terminal that can be used with a line level input and one HDMI audio input for the camera’s microphone.


Multiple inputs

The 3 different audio inputs can be individually controlled and mixed by LiveShell PRO before being broadcast. Simple audio mixes such as BGM playing while you add a vocal input via a microphone can be done without needing additional devices.

Built-in mixer

Using the integrated audio/video output LiveShell PRO can be connected to a television in order to do audio/video tests before broadcasting. If a TV is unavailable you can also do your audio/video tests with the help of the integrated LCD screen’s peak meter.

Monitor output and integrated peak meter

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