LS-2, Media Station

  • 2 HD Video Sources Capturing, Mixing, Switching, Recording and Live Streaming

  • Standalone Design, Reliable and Easy-to-Use

  • HDMI, VGA, RJ-45 and Streaming Inputs

  • Makes Broadcasting Live Video with 2 Video Sources Easier Than Ever

  • Up to 2-inputs Sources Capturing and 3-channel Recording Video Files

  • Built-In Video Manager: Remote Management

  • Available APIs for Software Server Integration


Key Features

Simultaneous Live Streaming and Recording

LS-2, a lightweight and all-in-one Media Station, enables live video streaming while simultaneously recording. With 2-channel mixed feature, users can broadcast an on-going and vivid lecture/ event to a designated streaming server or live streaming website, such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitch.

Touch-Friendly On-Screen Graphical User Interface

With a compatible interactive display and built-in a touch-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)*, LS-2 allows users to adjust the audio volume and select a fixed recording/streaming layout, background image and overlay graphic with easier control.
*The on-screen GUI supports mouse device control through USB connection.

Capture Up to 2 Video Sources at the Same Time

Via HDMI, VGA, RJ-45 interfaces or streaming inputs, LS-2 supports up to 2 Full HD 1080p video inputs. Users can choose 1 mixed video plus 2 individual videos recording for flexible use. LS-2 can mix audio via HDMI and a 3.5mm stereo audio jack.

Adding Titles & Graphics to Your Video

With LS-2, before recording or streaming live video, users can choose a fixed layout, a pre-made background and an overlay graphic (title) to provide complete information on the video.

Built-in Hard Drive Storage & Backup

LS-2 can record and save video on the external USB storage through back port. It also supports automatic FTP and SFTP backup to keep the recording safe, after recording is done.

Remote Management. Simple to Integrate

With the built-in Video Manager, videos stored in the Media Station can be managed remotely. Designed to work in network environment, Media Station has an HTTP API that provides access to many functions in Media Station. All of the video content, metadata, and thumbnail can be delivered seamlessly for the server software integration.


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