MS-650, Media Station for Remote Communication

  • Real-Time Interactive Function with 2-Way Visual Communication for Distance Learning

  • Up to 4 Full HD Video Sources Capturing, Mixing, Switching, Recording and Live Streaming

  • HDMI, VGA, RJ-45 and Streaming Inputs

  • The 1ST Generation Online Director: Easily Switch Visual Sources and Change Video Layouts in Video Making

  • Available to Broadcast Your Mixed Video to CDNs

  • Built-in 1TB Hard Drive Storage

Coming Soon

Key Features

Achieve 2-Way Real-time and Interactive Communication

Working with the same MS-650 media station in the 2 remote classrooms, a real-time interactive course can be achieved with 2-way communication for distance learning without adding any video conference equipment.

Capture Up to 4 Video Sources at the Same Time

MS-650 supports capturing up to 4 video sources through HDMI / VGA/ RJ45 interfaces at the same time, it is compatible with network cameras, laptops, PCs, digital microscopes, wireless microphones etc. With audio support, MS-650 can mix audio via HDMI, 3.5mm stereo and AREC wireless microphone.

Built-in Hard Drive Storage and Online Director

With 1TB built-in hard drive, MS-650 not only stores hundreds of hours recording videos but also enhances the overall efficiency. Besides, MS-650 has built in online director that is used to control and monitor the cameras’ field of view, image source switch, image layout switch, audio mixer etc.

Broadcast Your Mixed Video

MS-650 can stream mixed video to 1 popular platform, such as YouTube, Twitch and other live broadcasting websites.


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