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PIX4Team's Bundles

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thanks to the camera of your choice with a real optical zoom


and installed in 3 minutes


Free live streaming for you and your fans, recorded immediately for your team

PIX4Team for Team Sports
Zoom control for PIX4Team
  • Your own standard camera* with real optical zoom

  • Automatic Pan, Tilt and Zoom to the playing area

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Latest generation determines the playing area to be filmed

  • 180 ° camera Filming the whole field permanently

  • * max weight 1.5kg, any brand will have auto Pan and Tilt, more than 100 Sony and Canon models have automatic zoom

PIX4Team providing automatic pan, tilt, and zoom to the playing area
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Free Live Streaming

PIX4Team app for PIX4Team

Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM APP on your smartphone, and select your local WiFi spot or stream directly with the phone 4G network.

Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM APP on your smartphone, plug a RJ45 cable

Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM APP on your smartphone, plug a RJ45 cable that goes to your local internet connection, and start your streaming with the APP.

PIX4Team supporting HDMI

Plug directly your own live streaming tools to the HDMI plug of the standard camera on top of the robot. For instance a HDMI to USB video converter that goes to your computer connected to internet, and use any live streaming service like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Up to 3 video inputs

  • From phones, or cameras,
    or PIX4TEAM robots**
    Choose at any moment which one goes live

** ** Each video source must be connected to the internet​

Add your ads

  • Add in lays, and videos you have prepared before the live

Live stream to our VOD platform

  • and earn money from viewers

Add and manage a scoreboard

and a timer

  • adapt the design for your sport and the teams

Live stream to any plateform and social media

  • like Youtube, Facebook, Twitch…

Add audio comments

  • Up to 2 commentators with their own phone Connected to the internet.
    They can use a mic connected to the phone.


Video output from the filming device on top of the robot: Any resolution including 4K

  • In real time from the standard camera on top of the robot:

from the HDMI plug of the camera with the resolution from the camera, or

from the RJ45 plug of the robot, and/or

from the WiFi of the robot

whatever the previous 3 options, possibility to have the video in real time on any open live streaming service, including the MOVE ‘N SEE service.

  • In real time from a phone/tablet on the robot:

Via WiFi or phone network, on the live streaming service from MOVE ‘N SEE.

  • Not in real time:

from the internal memory, or (micro-)SD cards you may include in the camera/phone/tablet, or

from the micro-SD card you may include in the robot dedicated slot (and connect the HDMI plug of the camera to the HDMI input of the robot).

Video output from the 180° camera at the bottom of the robot:

  • Image sensor: CMOS, 5.1 MP, 1/2.5"

  • Video output in real time: RJ45 or WiFi

  • Video storage: on a microSD card (not provided) that you put in the robot. UHS-I Class 3 (U3) required, 32GB or more recommended

Transport / Warranty

  • Designed to be very easy to pack and to take with you everywhere. In any standard photo bag >
    40 x 30 x 20 cm (16 x 12 x 8 in)

  • 2-years worldwide warranty

Looking for auto-following robot cameramen for smartphone, tablet, camera or camcoder?