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PIXEM for Speakers



  • You produce preaching, conferences, online courses, YouTube videos...

  • Make your videos more dynamic and attractive thanks to the pack PIXEM for Speakers.

  • No more boring static videos, thanks to the PIXEM robot that follows your movements on stage!

  • Enjoy a clear and professional recording of your voice with the RØDE microphone


Need Resources about Apps, User Manual, and Compatible Smartphones for PIXEM for Speaker?

  • *Android 5 and newer smartphones & tablets equipped with Bluetooth 4 and newer

  • Android App

The PIXEM for Speaker includes:

PIXEM, auto-following robot camreaman for Speakers

How to connect the RØDE microphone to your smartphones or tablets

How to connect the microphone to your smartphone or tablet with PIXEM

Looking for auto-following robot cameramen for your smartphone, tablet, or camera?

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