Who are supporting PIXIO?

PIXIO is made for 

Equestrians with horses

PIXEM, auto-following camera robot for personal sports
PIXEM, auto-following robot cameraman for entertainments and sports

PIXIO's Bundles

How about the tracking distance and the rotation speed?


Take advantage of unrivalled INDOOR & OUTDOOR range from 3 to 330ft (1m-100m).

No line of sight required!

Enjoy video opportunities with unlimited creativity!

Automatic Rotations

PIXIO is designed for many applications. 

  • PAN: Rotations 360° endless and 120°/s max (45mph at 30ft; 72km/h at 10m).

  • Manual TILT rotations +/- 10°.

Preferred Features

Looking for auto-following robot cameraman for smartphone or tablet?