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Comments by customers about ClearCaster

Updated: Jan 11

Below are comments by users about #ClearCaster.

Elevator Speech: Wowza ClearCaster™ is purpose-built to deliver the highest quality streams on #Facebook #Live. Just plug it in, and ClearCaster auto-configures to provide professionals with the most reliable performance and best picture quality available on Facebook Live.

  • The only way to broadcast crystal-clear 1080p to any page on Facebook Live.

  • Ensure the best quality and highest reliability on Facebook Live without repetitive, manual setup or the need for highly technical resources.

  • Deliver the best experience on Facebook Live while simulcasting to Wowza Streaming Cloud and beyond.

Quote: “We achieved a higher stream quality than ever before, [with] lower latency, and the video was up for on-demand play as soon as the stream was over. Wowza ClearCaster for Facebook Live streams take a while to become available for on-demand play.” — Jose Vega, general director at CCR-TV



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