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Get started with Wowza ClearCaster

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

#Wowza #ClearCaster™ is a high quality coding and broadcast solution recommended by Facebook, designed for professionals looking for an easy and reliable way to broadcast to #Facebook #Live. ClearCaster is specially designed to integrate with Facebook Live #APIs and allows automatic configuration and monitoring of health of the broadcast in real time.

Connect the Wowza ClearCaster

A. Power B. HDMI Output C.Ethernet 1 D. SDI Input E. HDMI Input F. USB Ports

To connect the equipment

  1. Review the Wowza ClearCaster safety information.

  2. Connect the power cord from the connector (A) to a power source.

  3. Optional (but recommended): Connect an external monitor to the HDMI output port (B). This is for a preview with lots of data. We may recommend to connect the external monitor.

  4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet 1 port (C).

  5. Connect an SDI/HDMI-capable video source to the SDI input port (D) or the HDMI input port (E).

Stream video from Wowza ClearCaster to Facebook Live

A. Power Button B. Network connection status C. LCD(Display) D. Facebook connection status E. Video connection status F. Broadcast status G. LCD menu controls

To stream video to Facebook Live

  1. Turn on the power (A) and verify that ClearCaster is connected to the Internet (B).

  2. On another computer, go to and use the code in the LCD screen (C) to register ClearCaster and pair it with a Facebook account (D).

Note: If you do not pair ClearCaster with a Facebook account from the webpage, after the registration is complete, the ClearCaster LCD screen will display an alternate code that can be used to pair the device with a Facebook account on

3. Turn on the video source (E) that is connected to the SDI/HDMI input port.

4. Go to and click on Create Live Stream.

5. Click on the option to preview the live stream with a Paired Encoder. Then on the Settings tab, in the Paired Encoders list, select the ClearCaster.

6. On the Post tab, choose where to share the live stream (for example on the Timeline).

7. Click on Go Live to start the live stream (F).

Note: It may take a few seconds before the video and Go Live button become available.

8. To stop the live stream, click on Finish on the Post tab, or use the LCD menu controls (G) to select Finish Streaming in the ClearCaster LCD screen.



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