Dot Driver Kit

Dot Driver Kit

SKU: ddk

Dots & Driver Kit includes:

  • Four (4) Dots

  • One (1) Dot Driver


This kit enables an Auto Tracking Head to follow a subject up to hundreds of feet away.

Dots attach to clothing with strong and small rare-earth magnets.

Dots are smaller than the diameter of a finger nail, and they emit the signal that an Auto Tracking Head can sense. Dots are attached to subjects. And when subjects move around, the Auto Tracking Head senses the movement of the Dot and pans & tilts to follow the subject automatically.


There are four Dots, and one Dot Driver (power pack) in this kit.


Dots include small infrared (IR) LEDs, which are powered by Dot Drivers, or power packs and are essential to Auto Tracking, but are small enough not to be noticed.

Auto Tracking is valuable whenever you need better quality tracking shots; better framed shots. Auto Tracking provides “insurance” that you will get the shot the first take, or that you get the shot when there is only one take—such as during a live-event shoot.


Dots include a magnet backing. Thus using the second, included magnet, a dot can be temporarily affixed to an article of clothing worn by a subject.

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