Lanyard for Jigabot EX

Lanyard for Jigabot EX

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This Convenience lanyard is worn around a subject’s neck. It has embedded magnets, enabling quick attachment of Dots that are equally spaced. It is intended to be worn outside of collars or clothing. The magnets indicate where where the Dots should be placed. With a lanyard and four Dots, a subject can turn and move any direction and the Jigabot EX will still see and follow at least one Dot at all times.

Teachers & Presenters

This Convenience lanyard is particularly useful for teachers or presenters who are moving around a classroom or stage, including to and from a white board or touch screen. The magnets serve as a “template” for attaching Dots, and makes it easy to attach Dots.

Dots can either be placed on the lanyard first, or after the lanyard is placed around the neck or collar. As would be the case without a lanyard, Dots are connected to the Dot driver, where they can be powered ON or OFF.  NOTE: the open end of the lanyard should be in the front of the neck.