PIXIO Live Coaching PACK

PIXIO Live Coaching PACK


Live coaching is more than live streaming:

You need less than about 1 or 2 seconds of video delay, and usual streaming solutions don't work for you because they have 15 to 30 seconds of delay.



• Tripod

• Camera Sony CX450 (European plug + adapter for your country of delivery) 

• Big battery NP-FV70 for the camera (lifetime about 4hrs)

• Micro-SD card 32GB

• Custom Foam Suitcase

• Magewell HDMI dongle (between the camera and the computer)

• Headset (for your phone)

• Additional Watch Charger (one at home, one at the barn!)

• Elastic Armband installed on the PIXIO Watch

• In Factory Upgrade of PIXIO

• In Factory set up of PIXIO for the camera

• Shipping worldwide included


  • Compatibility: Cameras
  • Two Years Warranty

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Partnership : info@pledo.co

Sales: sales@pledo.co

Support: support@pledo.co

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