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YoloBox is a Portable Live Stream Studio and helps you start live broadcasting events with unprecedented scale and effectiveness.


  • YoloBox

  • HDMI cable

  • Charge adaptor

  • USB-C charge cable

  • Mount shoe

  • Storage bag

Preferred Features:

  • 720p streaming (2.5 Mbps, 1.07 GB/hr), 1080p streaming (5Mbps, 2.15GB/hr)
  • Switcher, Watermark, Picture in Picture, and audio
  • Stream over Wi-Fi, Ethenet, and 4G
  • Multi-Camera capture (Switch up to FIVE sources simultaneously)
  • Independent audio input/output
  • Add custome graphic layers
  • Corss platforms streaming (Stream your live event to three destinations simultaneously, seamless integration with major platforms.)
  • No Monthly Subscription Fee (Unlimited streaming data, unlimited streaming time.)

  • RTMP Supported (Stream to your custom RTMP destination one at a time or multiple at the same time.)

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