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For countries other than the United States, Canada, and South Korea, please click the QUOTE.

PLEDO is the APAC Master Channel Partner of Red5Pro

Real-time streaming video apps deliver events, games, news, security, and victory to millions in milliseconds.

Live video streaming solved Broadcast video to millions in under 500 milliseconds.

What's New!

Want to purchase Red5Pro for your Real-Time Live Streaming at best price?

Main Features of Each Subscription

  • This plan offers single node deployments with support for less than a hundred publishers and subscribers. The plan provides self-managed installations with community support.

  • Best for hobbyists and prototype development.


  • Low Latency Live Streaming

  • Live Recordings

  • Video On Demand

  • Multi-Protocol Support


  • 100 Connections

  • No Clustering

  • No Autoscale



  • Community

Whos are the main customers using Red5Pro

Make "wow" moments in Real-Time with Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming

Customers in many industries need sub-second latency at scale.


What industries can you apply with Red5Pro?

Why Red5Pro?

Customers are SAYING

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