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Broadcast Live Streaming

In this fast-moving world, everyone wants instant access to “the big event” no matter where they are.

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Scale Latency and Flexibility

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Live Stream Scalability

Red5 Pro automatically scales up and down to meet the incoming demand as more people watch an event. Global deployments across cloud regions are built into Red5 Pro, enabling real-time delivery to viewers watching from different places. WebRTC-based adaptive bitrate and transcoding features allow for a flexible delivery of the best quality stream available to the subscriber, even in poor network conditions.

Real-Time Latency

Whether it’s news, or the big game, everyone communicates about what’s going on via social media and instant messaging. While this kind of user interaction drives engagement, it also creates a big problem: spoilers. Red5 Pro delivers sub 500 milliseconds of latency, aka live streaming at huge scale. Add live sports betting to the mix and the need for real-time video delivery is critical. That’s where we come in. When we say milliseconds to millions, we mean it.


You can host on the cloud provider of your choice, so that you have total control over the stream. Our HTML5 SDK works across all modern browsers and our Mobile SDK allows you to create native apps.

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