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Live Auction

Red5 Pro is the only solution that achieves consistent sub 500 millisecond video and scales to hundreds of thousands of viewers without costly per-stream/per-minute pricing.

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Scale Latency and Flexibility

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Dynamic Scale

Knowing when a sale might drive user viewership to huge numbers can be tricky too. Our autoscale solution ensures you keep rolling no matter the size of your audience.

Real-Time Latency

Fact: live bidding requires your data and video to be delivered in real time. Don’t get stuck with other platforms’ 2- to-3 second latency. Red5 Pro delivers consistent sub 500 ms live video and synced data.

Cost Savings and Flexibility

While pay-per-stream/per-minute solutions are easy to set up, they come with exorbitant operations costs.  We do things differently at Red5 Pro. Our hosting-agnostic approach lets you deploy auto-scaling solutions on the cloud platform of your choice, giving you full control over your data and streams.

How it works

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