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Online Gambling

Red5 Pro is the only solution that achieves consistent sub 500 millisecond video and scales to hundreds of thousands of viewers without costly per-stream/per-minute pricing.

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Scale Latency and Reliability

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Secure Video Streaming

When dealing with real money, it’s absolutely critical to have rock solid security. Red5 Pro supports full encryption via open standards DTLS and SRTP encryption. You can also authenticate your video streams against your own backend logic. Red5 Pro keeps your streams safe and secure from unwanted access.

Real-Time Latency

With online gambling, the action happens fast and furiously.  Your live stream better keep up. If you are using an older system with 2-3 seconds of latency, that won’t cut it. Think what an advantage it is to other players if they are that far ahead of you. Real-time latency is the only way to ensure a level playing field.

WebRTC Open Standard

For years, the gaming industry has depended upon Adobe Flash as a main platform for video delivery. Flash is set for end of life by the end of 2020, and most browsers are also phasing out support for plugins in general. Red5 Pro’s WebRTC-based system delivers better performance and support across all modern web browsers. Be sure to modernize your system using Red5 Pro before it’s too late.

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