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It’s a fact. Live interactive video is essential to increasing user engagement in social media. Red5 Pro is the only solution that delivers real-time latency and can scale to millions. Isn’t it time your app got an upgrade?

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Scale Latency and Flexibility

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Live Stream Scalability

From small audiences to massive ones, live interactive video is essential for success… as is reliable scalability. Red5 Pro’s autoscaling solution scales your servers up and down to meet the incoming demand. Red5 Pro is even configurable  to cover multiple regions of the world for better stream delivery to viewers watching the same stream from different locations. Make all viewers happy, no matter where they are in the world.

Real-Time Latency

Live chat has emerged almost as a life blood of social media. When thousands, or even millions can see, in real time, what someone they admire is discussing, it makes social media personal. This kind of on-the-spot interactivity can only happen with the lowest latency possible. Red5 Pro’s sub 500 millisecond latency ensures smooth and seamless interactivity with fluid chats and natural communication.


Red5 Pro gives you complete control over your video streams by having you host on the server provider you choose.  Our HTML5 SDK works with all browsers and our Mobile SDK allows you to create native apps, all 100% compatible with each other. Now social media-based live video viewers can participate on any device, no matter where they are. Red5 Pro allows you to build and deploy custom server-side applications for single sign on, custom metrics, ad-insertion, and just about anything you can imagine.

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