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Video Games and eSports

Live interactive game broadcasts demand high performing, real-time video streams to huge numbers of viewers.

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Scale Latency and Flexibility

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Live Stream Scalability

The biggest game streamers, and the most successful live games must all reliably deliver live video to  gigantic fan bases. Red5 Pro’s autoscaling solution scales your servers up and down to meet the incoming demand. Red5 Pro is even configurable  to cover multiple regions of the world for better stream delivery to viewers watching the same stream from different locations.

With our hosting agnostic approach we do not charge per user or per stream, keeping your costs low. Red5 Pro allows you to focus on growing your audience without worrying about scaling your video solution.

Real-Time Latency

Get ahead of your competition, literally. While others  claim “ultra-low latency” measured in seconds, Red5 Pro’s sub 500 millisecond latency ensures smooth and seamless gameplay with fluid chats and more natural communication. Comments, game data and scores are delivered right away, synchronizing everything with what the viewer sees on the screen.


Red5 Pro  lets you host on the server provider of your choice— you have total control over your video streams. Our HTML5 SDK works with all browsers and our Mobile SDK allows you to create native apps, all fully compatible with each other. Now your viewers can participate on any device, no matter where they are. Unlike other video streaming platforms, Red5 Pro allows you to build and deploy custom server-side applications for single sign on, custom metrics, ad-insertion, and just about anything you can imagine.

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