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IRON-SafeTouch(O) is a unique, technology-leading
outdoor touch solution with Safe-Touch™technology,
Anti-Solar™technology, and enhanced cooling technology.

New Technologies


Anti-Solar™technology for outdoor environments

Anti-Solar™ technology is developed based on infrared touch technique and supports a 360-degree durability range for solar interference. The 360-degree durability range means that the touch function works perfectly even if the direct sunlight gives random interference to all sides of the sensor (e.g. interference from all angles and all directions from 0 to 360 degrees, reflected light, instantaneous shadows, etc.) In addition, the touch function remains reliable even in heavy rain or if small foreign materials interfere with the touch sensor.

Safe-Touch™technology for user protection

IRON-SafeTouch(O) allows the user to recognize the touch close to the display screen without touching the touch screen.
This “non-contact touch interface” can protect users from traditional touch kiosk issues(germ infection, dirt), which require contact with the glass surface or button.

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What are the Key Features

Enhanced Cooling

IRON-SafeTouch(O) has a dual cooling structure, and the heat exchanger cooer is applied inside the enclosure to increase the life of the cooling system. The cooling efficiency of the system is increased at a low cost by adding a front cooler separately. In particular, “Front Cooler” removes the inconvenience of users by blocking the heat transfer that high heat generated from a high-brightness (1,500 nit or more) panel display screen is transferred to a nearby touch user for touch use, which is a differentiated technology and protected by our patent.

Smart Display

IRON-SafeTouch(O) has a built-in “human sensor” function that can recognize (within 1.0M) a person close to the screen to use the touch function. Through the human sensor function, the touch display equipment installed outdoors is normally used for display purposes (advertisement, guidance contents), and when a person is near to the display, it automatically switches to the touch screen contents.
So the operator can improve the operational efficiency of the Touch Display.

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Two-Bar Touch Sensor

The two-Bar touch sensor structure removes touch function errors and user discomfort caused by accumulation of outdoor foreign substances, insect excrement, and pollutants at the bottom of the conventional four-Bar touch sensor structure.

Auto Time Set (Auto Operating Mode)

The touch display installed outdoors must undergo severe weather changes (four seasons) and be installed and operated remotely from the management site. IRON-SafeTouch(O)supports the “auto operation mode” function to provide convenience for remote equipment operation and reduce the failure rate for daily power on/off.

  • Remote automatic setting of equipment operation time (power on/off)

  • Operates in 3 levels of automatic mode to reduce equipment failure rate (Awake Mode ▶Operate Mode ▶Sleep Mode ▶Awake Mode)

    • After checking the operation status for each operation mode, it automatically switches to the next operation mode.

Easy Maintenance

IRON-SafeTouch(O) is designed to “minimize the service break time” by allowing quick and easy replacement of device components (controller, LCD Panel, Cooler module, touch module, etc.) at the operation place. In addition, technical support can be provided for monitoring and controlling remotely.

Work Flows

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Which SafeTouch is for you?


IRON-SafeTouch -46S2


IRON-SafeTouch -46S2

Main Specifications

Common Specifications

What industries can you apply with IRON SafeTouchs?

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