You’re Crazy NOT to Be Facebook Live Streaming

August 14, 2018

Maybe you’re wondering what all the fuss is about Facebook Live. You may be thinking, sure, it’s cool, but how does it apply to my business? Why should I be using it for my marketing efforts?

In short: If you’re not streaming video to Facebook Live, you’re crazy. Why? The facts speak for themselves. These are just a few of the reasons your organization needs to be streaming video on Facebook Live:

Why You Should Be Streaming Video Online:

  • Nearly 80 percent of people watch online videos every week, and 55 percent watch every day.

  • Three-quarters of business executives watch work-related videos on at least a weekly basis.

  • Over half of marketing professionals around the world say video has the best ROI of any content type.

  • Marketers who use video increase revenue 49 percent faster than those who don’t.

  • Among mobile video viewers, 92 percent share videos they watch with others.

  • Including video on a web page drives a 157 percent increase in organic traffic from search engines.

  • A poor online video experience would discourage 60 percent of viewers from engaging with a brand across all social media platforms.

  • Organizations that use online video grow year-over-year revenue 49 percent faster than those that don’t.

Why You Should Be Streaming Facebook Live Video:

  • Video on social media platforms generates 1200 percent more shares than text and images combined.

  • About ⅔ of all U.S. adults use Facebook (66 percent).

  • Of marketers and SMB owners, 44 percent plan to spend money to promote video on Facebook in the next 12 months.

  • Daily watch time for Facebook Live streams has increased by more than four times.

  • One out of five videos posted on Facebook is now a Live broadcast.

  • Just under half of all U.S. adults—or 68 percent of all Facebook users—get their news from Facebook, as do 88 percent of Millennials.

  • Every month, Facebook users leave 2.5 billion comments on Facebook Pages.

  • Facebook videos have a higher engagement rate than YouTube links—and have 10 times the viral reach.

  • Every day, 500 million people watch videos on Facebook.

  • Nearly one-third of Facebook users (32 percent) engage with brands regularly.











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You’re Crazy NOT to Be Facebook Live Streaming

August 14, 2018

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