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PLEDO is an Exclusive Distributor of Switchboard Live in Asia-Pacific(APAC)

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Powerful Streaming Benefits


Unlimited Destinations

Stream to your audience through as many of your social channels as you'd like, simultaneously.


Embed Player

Embed your livestream on your website for simple and easy access for your audience.



Allow others to carry your stream to their audience, thereby increasing your viewership.


Quick Setup

Get up and running with our easy-to-use interface and unlimited access to our support team.

Scale Your Solution for Any Audience


Tech and Creators

Enable your current user base to enlarge your viewership by carrying your streams.


Sport and Media

Add guests streaming account to extend the reach of your shows.


Non-Profits: Education, Gov

Open up your audience by letting your viewers lengthen your reach.


Music and Entertainment

Add fan accounts to your latest album release to expand your listening audience.


Houses of Worship

Extend your stream through members Facebook, Twitter or YouTube Accounts.

What Switchboard's users are saying


Tony Bruno

"I absolutely LOVE Switchboard Cloud. It's so easy to use and incredibly versatile. I love how I can switch output streams at the click of a button and don't have to worry about reaching our audience."


Nathan Parikh

"Switchboard Live is a vital part of delivering our Sunday morning livestream to our congregation."


Aaron Sanchez

"Switchboard Live is a simple cost effective addition to any content creator who wants to stream their LIVE feed to multiple online channels."

Trusted by Major Brands


Major Service Destinations


  • YouTube

  • Facebook(Profile, Groups, Pages)

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Periscope

  • StreamingChurch

  • Akamai

  • Vimeo

  • Dacast

  • Snapstream

Custom RTMP

Custom RTMP

  • Loots

  • Mixcloud

  • MLG

  • Mobcrush

  • Muvi

  • Naver TV

  • NimoTV

  • Monolive

  • OnlyFans

  • Socio

  • StageTen

  • Theta.TV

  • Ustream

  • Vaughn Live

  • Wasd TV

  • Wix

  • Afreeca TV

  • Airmeet

  • Amazon Live

  • Bambuser

  • Billbili

  • BreakersTV

  • ChewTV

  • dailymotion

  • FC2 Live

  • Flowplayer


  • Hopin

  • Instagib

  • Kakao TV


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my encoder?

While in the onboarding wizard you will be prompted to pick the encoder that you will need to connect to stream to Switchboard. This can be either a mobile app, desktop software, or external piece of hardware. We have a section on how to connect encoders in our support section.

How do I configure my encoder?

Making sure your encoding settings are properly configured is a key step to ensure your encoder streams to Switchboard. We have a section on how to configure your encoder in our support section.

How do I authorize destination?

Adding your social streaming destinations like Facebook and YouTube is a very simple process. It's as easy as signing up for a new service with your Facebook or Google login. Follow this getting started guide in our support section to help answer any questions you may have.

How do I connect to ZOOM?

It is super easy to stream your Zoom Meeting to your Switchboard account. Please check out this step by step walkthrough Connecting Zoom to Switchboard that will get you configured in less than 5 minutes.

Can I use the Switchboard API for my application?

We have built our web application Switchboard Cloud on our own API and have matured it enough so that third party application developers can leverage what we built to add multistreaming functionality to their app. Please email to connect with a team member to learn more.