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Auto-Following Camera Robots
The official training support devices of the United States Equestrian Federation, FEI Dressage, and FEI Campus.

Portable Live Streaming Encoders

Media Streaming Servers

Millicast, The Ultra low sub-second latency streaming to all devices
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MSRP: $495

Your price: $438

  • Term: Monthly

  • Max Concurrent Viewers: 500

  • Included CDN Bandwidth: 500 GB

  • Additional CDN Bandwidth: $0.12 /GB

  • Video Archive: $0.25 /GB

  • iOS and Android SDKs: included

  • OBS Studio for Millicast: Included

  • Turn Server Relay: Included

  • Delivery Region: Global

  • Premium Technical Support: Limited


MSRP: $1,495

Your price: $1,322

  • Term: Monthly