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What is a WHxE?

WHxE, pronounced “wix-ee”, makes it simple to set up a low-latency video streaming connection to the WebRTC server or provider.

It leverages the WHIP protocol to allow direct publishing to a WebRTC server or service, without the need for SDKs, signaling, Web Sockets and message formats. With WHxE, a single HTTP call to WHxE can initiate the broadcasting workflow


  • WHxE (pronounced “wix-ee”) makes it simple to connect to WebRTC servers and services by providing a WHIP and WHEP proxy service. Instead of struggling with SDKs, WebSockets, and what more, one can now set up a WebRTC connecting for publishing or playback using a single HTTP call.

  • Version: 0.4.0

  • Release Date: 03/23/2024

  • Comit: c42cec2


  • Copy the executable file to a folder on the same server where Ant Media Server is installed

  • Add the executable attribute to the file (e.g. chmod +x ./whxe-0.4.0)

  • Rename or copy the config.yaml.dist to config.yaml

  • Update config.yaml as per your need (see next section)

  • To run the software, run the the executable as root (e.g. sudo ./whxe-0.4.0)


The configuration is done in the config.yaml file. The sections and subsections are explained below

  • software

    • licenseKey: fill out the license key that you have received from PLEDO

  • log

    • type: file or stdout

    • level: debuginfowarnerror - the minimum log level

    • maxSize: Only for file - the maximum size (MB) of the log file before rotating

    • maxAge: Only for file - the maximum age (days) of the log file before rotating

    • compress: Only for file - whether rotated log file must be compressed

  • mediaservers

    • type: The media server type. Currently supported antmediawowza or kurento

    • hostname: The public-accessible hostname of the server

    • port: The port at which the WHIP must access the server

    • useSsl: Whether the WHIP proxy must use SSL when connecting to the WebRTC service

  • whip

    • path: The path in the URL for WHIP calls

    • iceServers

      • uri: the URI of an ICE server

      • port: the port of the ICE server

      • username: Optional - if the ICE server requires authentication

      • credential: Optional - if the ICE server requires authentication

    • params: Optional - Implementation-specific parameters

      • createPipelineIfNotExist: Only for Kurento, default: true

      • deletePipelineOnDeleteStream: Only for Kurento, default: true

  • webserver

    • port: The port at which the WHIP proxy must be exposed

    • proxy: URL of the proxy if WHxE is accessed through a HTTP proxy

    • ssl

      • certificate: Optional - the SSL certificate

      • key: Optional - the SSL private key


When the WHIP proxy is running; use a WHIP-enabled publisher to send the stream to the endpoint. As an example, in OBS Studio, choose WHIP as output, and set the following endpoint:


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