Deliver Professional-Grade Playback Quickly and Easily

An adaptive bitrate HTML5 player for delivering optimized HD-quality video and audio experiences.


Quick setup for consistent experiences on any device (mobile, desktop, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).


Automated embed-code generation for fast, easy integration.


View stream-playback data to understand and track viewing trends and statistics.

Wowza Player Features

High-Quality Experiences

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Artificial intelligence optimizes streaming bitrates based upon changing network conditions.

Rapid Startup

Player pre-fetches assets for faster playback startup.

Any Device

HTML5 player delivers consistent experiences to any device and any browser.

Flexible and Programmable

JavaScript API

Programmatic control of functionality, through a JavaScript API, for custom applications and automated workflow integration.

Customizable Replay Window

Application and web developers can designate a DVR range to establish the number of seconds that a viewer can rewind, replay, or skip ahead for live broadcasts.

Configuration UI

Fast, simple Wowza player setup, customization and configuration through the web-based Player Builder; quickly and easily generate embed code.

Rich Streaming Capabilities


Play, pause, and jump to any point during on-demand video or audio playback.

Stream Analytics

View stream-playback session statistics and trends.


Wowza Player plays content automatically in supported browsers.


Wowza Player allows viewers to pause and rewind live streams.

Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming

Stream live and on-demand audio, with support for ID3 tags.

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