YoloBox, Portable Live Stream Studio



YoloBox is a portable live stream studio and helps you start live broadcasting evens with unprecedented scale and effectiveness. YoloBOX supports up to 1080p and can switch up to 6 video sources and stream to THREE destinations simultaneously. You can stream using Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE.


  • YoloBox

  • Instruction Book 

  • Tripod mount 

  • Power Adapter 

  • 2x HDMI Cables

  • USB Modem 

  • Carrying case 

  • MSRP: $899 (Shipping cost excluded)


Great Value for Everything it can do!

YoloBox is the equivalent of ATEM Mini+Computer+Monitor+Restream+Dedicated Desk

What is YoloBox?

YoloBox is a video switcher, encoder/streamer, monitor, recorder and audio mixer all in one. With built-in restreaming service, native support integrates directly with YouTube/Facebook/Twitch, adding graphic overlays (logos, lower-thirds, picture in picture, scoreboard, rolling captions) and featuring comments to the stream, Side-By-Side, Split-View and much more. 

3 Simple Steps

Preferred Features

8 Core Processor Leading performance & Robust connectivity
The Android-based software-driven that is only getting better and more powerful!

Main Product Specifications

Comparing YoloBox vs. YoloBox Pro vs. YoloBox Mini


  • Display: 7 inch LCD

  • Brightness: 350 nits

  • HDMI Inputs: 2 HDMI Inputs

  • USBC: Only one for charging

  • Total physical inputs: 3 (2 HDMI + 1 USB)

  • Audio inputs: Audio In

  • USB Out: N/A

  • CPU: QualComm 625​

YoloBox Pro

  • Display: 8 inch LCD

  • Brightness: 400 nits

  • HDMI Inputs: 3 HDMI Inputs

  • USBC: One for charging; Another full-featured USBC

  • Total physical inputs: 5 (3 HDMI + 1 USB+1 USBC)

  • Audio inputs: Line In & Mic In

  • USB Out: Recognized as a webcam Will be added via a firmware update

  • CPU: QualComm 660​

YoloBox Mini

  • Display: 5.5 inch LCD

  • Brightness: 500 nits

  • HDMI Inputs: 1 HDMI Inputs

  • USBC: Only one for charging

  • Total physical inputs: 2 (1 HDMI + 1 USBA)

  • Audio inputs: Line In & Mic In

  • USB Out: N/A

  • CPU: QualComm 660​


Looking for auto-following Robot cameramen robot that can be used with YoloBox?