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Vertical Streaming Made Easy.

Let's stream to

  • TikTok
  • YouTube

Want to purchase Yololiv Instream for your live streaming at best price?

How can we stream Yololiv Instream to Instream or TikTok?

Yololiv Instream

Powerful Key Features

Yololiv Instream

All in One

Encoder, switcher, recorder & monitor

Yololiv Instream

Running On Android OS

No computer / OBS required

Yololiv Instream

Total Touch Screen Control

Operate intuitively as your smartphone

Yololiv Instream

Portability and Mobility

Compact size, fits into your backpack

Yololiv Instream

Multiple Capture Sources

2 HDMI in + 1 USB + SD Card

Yololiv Instream

Three ways to connect

Wifi, 4G LTE, and Ethenet

Yololiv Instream

Internal Battery

Last for 3+ hours

Yololiv Instream

Live On the Go

Entire mobile live stream studio in one box

Software Features Built-in

The First and Only All-in-One Multicam Vertical Live Streaming Studio


Yololiv Instream is a powerful portable live streaming encoder, monitor, recorder and switcher that is capable of incorporating many powerful features for high end work! As the name suggests, it’s the device that you can make vertical video streaming to INSTAGRAM and TIKTOK and more. It is only all-in-one device in the world.

Yololiv Instream


  • 8 inch LCD (Display)

  • 400 nits (Brightness)

  • 3 HDMI Inputs

  • One for charging: Another full-featured USBC

  • Line In and MIC In

  • QualComm 660 (CPU)(2x Powerful and More Software Possibilities)

Comparing Yololiv Instream vs. YoloBox Pro vs. YoloBox Mini

Influencers' Reviews

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