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Resources about App, User Manual, and Compatible Cameras for PIX4Team?

How are customers using PIX4Team?

  • Your own standard camera* with real optical zoom

  • Automatic Pan, Tilt and Zoom to the playing area

  • Artificial Intelligence Latest generation determines the playing area to be filmed

  • 180 ° camera Filming the whole field permanently

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Free Live Streaming

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Video Analysis

Get your standard video files recorded on your camera's memory card or the robot's microSD card (.mp4 format), then import them into your usual video analysis software, except VEO CAMERA

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Up to 3 Video Inputs

From phones, or cameras,
or PIX4TEAM robots**
Chose at any moment which one goes live.

Add your ads

  • Add inlays,

  • Add videos you have prepared before the live

Live stream to our VOD Platform

and earn money from viewers

Add and manage a scoreboard

and a timer
adapt the design for your sport
and the teams

Live Stream to any platform and social media

like Youtube, Facebook, Twitch…

Add audio comments

Up to 2 commentators with their own phone Connected to the internet.
They can use a mic connected to the phone.


Looking for auto-following robot cameramen for smartphone, tablet, camera or camcoder?