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The fully featured video platform that scales with your needs. 

Unlock the Value of Video

Wowza Video Highlights

Wowza Video

VOD, Live, or Both

Wowza's unparalleled live streaming and video on demand (VOD) capabilities power any business use case.

  • Complete delivery from ingest through playback.

  • Transcoding for optimal viewer experience.

  • Reliable and secure asset management and delivery.

Content Delivery Network

Wowza's expansive global CDN brings the world to your door and scales seamlessly with your needs.

  • Accommodates more viewers without sacrificing quality.

  • Protects streams with digital rights management, token authentication, IP blocking, and more.

  • Promotes faster streams with local caching.

Wowza Video
Wowza Video

Content Management System

Keep track of your own content and promote a smoother customer experience with Wowza's sophisticated CMS.

  • Streamlined storage and management of large content libraries .

  • Fully integrated live recording for live-to-VOD workflows.

  • Flexible metadata for nuanced discoverability.

End-to-End Analytics

Track your stream's health, viewership data, and more in real-time with Wowza's robust analytics and user-friendly dashboard.

  • Single view across live and on-demand videos.

  • Insights into viewer behavior and cost optimization opportunities.

  • Detailed performance analysis, including player-specific data.

Wowza Video
Wowza Video

Best-in-Class HTML 5 Video Player

Deliver a stunning and user-friendly experience to viewers on any device with Wowza Flowplayer.

  • Sophisticated features including DRM and in-depth analytics.

  • Comprehensive SDKs and APIs for unparalleled customizability.

  • Pre-integrated with WebRTC for real-time and interactive streaming.

Real-Time Streaming at Scale

Stream at sub-second latency to a million viewers without sacrificing quality.

  • Large scale interactive streaming made possible.

  • WebRTC simulcast for optimal viewer experience.

  • Seamless scaling to accommodate traffic surges.

Wowza Video

A Full Suite of Features. One Integrated Platform

Wowza Video

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All Plans Include

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VOD and Live Streaming

and Video-On-Demand (VOD) capabilities for your viewing needs. 

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Easily store and manage assets with Wowza’s sophisticated video Content Management System (CMS). 

Technical Supports.png


Harness the globe's reach with a Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) seamlessly integrated into your video solution. 

Technical Supports.png


Deliver stunning video experiences to viewers on any device while benefiting from visibility across the workflow.

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Quickly adapt with real-time analytics spanning viewer data, stream health, and infrastructure performance, with in-depth insights into viewer behavior. 

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Best Devices

You can use lots of devices with Wowza Video.

These  devices are not included in Wowza Video.

Here is a list for live streaming services

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