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What's New

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PLEDO is currently offering huge discounts on all streaming servers and CDN.

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Beyond the Games: Video Streaming in Unreal Engine

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Wowza Media Systems will raise prices for all Wowza Streaming Engines on January 1, 2023

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how virtual reality (VR) can be used in areas like healthcare and gaming. 

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Real-Time Streaming Hackathon.

Build an interactive streaming video app using the Ant Media Server and win up to US$10,000 in PRIZES!

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The 2022 Streaming Media 50: The 50 Tech Companies That Matter Most in Online Video

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Ant Media is select as the Winner of the Real-Time Streaming Solution in the 2022 Streaming Media  Magazine European Innovation Award

How to choose the streaming technologies by decision tree

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Applications for your Streaming Services

Real-Time Streaming at Scales

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Real-Time Live Streaming

When interactivity is key, you need streaming that is truly real time. Millicast and Wowza Streaming Cloud will provide half-second latency to all your viewers, no matter where they are.

Near Unlimited Scale

Delivering your live streams to massive audiences can be challenging. We make it easy to scale your infrastructure to deliver interactive experiences across the globe.

Availability on Demand

When audience size is unpredictable, you need assurance that viewers will have a smooth experience from the moment they join. Millicast, Ant Media Server, and Wowza Streaming Cloud instantly scales to accommodate even the biggest surprises.

Globally Available

Whether your viewers are in New York, New Delhi, or Timbuktu, they’ll enjoy a reliable, real-time streaming experience. Browsers around the world will play back the content — with lightning speed delivery to boot.

Interactive Live Streaming