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Learn Science, Master STEM, Be Future Ready
Merge EDU engages students in science and STEM with 3D objects and simulations they can touch and interact with.

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What's New!

New app - Merge HoloGlobe

Merge EDU is available for Chromebook

Merge EDU is available on Windows​

Hands-on Digital Teaching Aids and Simulations

Two-thirds of students are visual-spatial learners and need differentiated instruction that engages multiple senses. See how Merge EDU can help your students understand complex science and STEM concepts effectively.

The New Science Class

The New Science Class

Teach science with digital, hands-on teaching aids and interactive simultaneous designed for use of home and in the classroom.

Beyond STEM Class

Beyond STEM Class

Optimize the engineering design process with 3D objects your student can hold and share from anywhere.

Ready for the Future

Ready for the Future

Inspire your teachers and students to develop technology fluency using mixed reality.


What Educators say about Merge EDU

Hear from educators around the world using Merge EDU to transform learning


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Resources for Educators

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