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PIX4Team 2, Auto-Following Robot Cameramen for Team Sports

PIX4Team2, Auto-Following Robot Cameramen for Team Sports


Film and stream your games without a cameraman

  • Film with a renowned camera brand of your choice with a real optical zoom ; or your smartphone breathtaking video quality.

  • Open system compatible with all sport-analyzing softwares, live streaming platforms and social media.

  • No subscription required.

PIXEM2, Auto-Following Robot Cameramen for Individual Sports and Stages


The best auto-follow camera for individual sports and stage

  • Compatible with cameras and smartphones!

  • Horse riding . Conferences . Agility . Pastor . Ice skating . Athletics . Etc.

PIXELLOT AIR, Auto-Following Robot Cameramen for Team Sports



  • Stream, Analyze and Share Every Game Automatically!
    A sophisticated yet simple-to-use camera that gives sports academies the tools to excel!

YoloBox Ultra, Everything in ONE: Stream Beyond Limits

YoloBox Ultra

The Ultimate YoloBox Experience

  • YoloBox & Instream In One, Angle it your way.

  • Mission-Critical Cellular Bonding. 3 SIM Data, 5 Connections.

  • Versatile Input & Output, Next Level Production Flexibility

  • Lower Bandwidth. Highest Quality.

  • The Most Flexible Video System for Every Production

  • A Pro Tool, Made For Everyone

YoloBox Pro, The Ultimate All-In-One Multi-Cam Live Streaming Studio

YoloBox Pro

The Ultimate YoloBox Experience

  • Encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor, in One

  • Live switch up to6 video sources.

  • No computer/desk workstation/professional crew required.

  • Production at your finger tip, great ease to operate.

  • Compact size, fit into your backpack.

  • Support Ethernet, WiFi, 4G LTE & built-in battery.

Wirecast, Professional Live Streaming Software for Anyone, and Anywhere

What is the Wirecast?

The most powerful, customizable live video streaming and production tools for Mac and Windows.

  • All-in-one software.

  • Turn your laptop into a professional production studio.

  • Complete creative control, with flexible features that elevate your stream.

  • Create engaging content and grow your audience.

Sport Live Streaming Bundles, Experience Your Unmatched Sport Games

Live Streaming with PIX4Team2.png

The Ultimate Live Streaming Bundles for Sports

  • Encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor, in One

  • No computer/desk workstation/professional crew required.

  • Support 4G LTE & built-in battery.

  • Easy to setup for auto-zoom.

  • Fast tracking Speed.

  • New generation of Artificial Intelligence thanks to enhanced computing capacity.

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