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The auto-following camera robot for Individual Sports and Stage.

The Most Powerful Auto-Following Robot Cameraman on the market

  • More reliable than image recognition. The robot can't lose you even if there are several people in the action area. Whatever the light conditions and even in the dark, the robot always follows you.

  • No problem with colors or shapes of the tracked subject.

  • PIXEM2 uses a radio triangulation technology that positions the watch 10 times per second, even better than GPS.

  • Place the three small beacons around your playground, turn everything on, and let's go!

  • Distance of 330ft/100 meters

  • * beacons are placed between 1 and 2m high

Want to purchase PIXEM2 at best price?

Accessories for PIXEM

What features can you use with PIXEM2?

Automatic Zoom

Choose the size of the frame (e.g. 4m on each side of you), and the zoom will keep that when you move away from or closer to the robot.

This automatic zoom works for PIXEM2 with a cameras as well as smartphone/tablets.

Designed for Individual Sports and Stage

Who are supporting PIXEM2?


US Equestrian Welcomes MOVE ‘N SEE / PIXIO and PIXEM as New Official Partner Through 2021

Who're using PIXEM2?

PIXEM 01062022 (Facebook).png

PIXEM follows you automatically. Zoom is pretty cool. That is super helpful!

Justyna Plutowska and Jeremie Fleming - International Ice Dance Couple


  • Indoor and Outdoor: PIXEM 2 tracks a watch with the same performance inside or outside.

  • Rotation: 

    • PAN: Rotations 360° endless. 120°/s max (45mph at 30ft; 72km/h at 10m).​

    • TILT: Manual rotations.

  • Motor Noise: Very silent motor. You can use a bluetooth microphone (not provided) or any equivalent accessory to capture any distant voice.​

  • Battery Life

    • ROBOT (4hours), WATCH (3hours), Micro-BEACONS (3hours).​

    • Li-Ion Batteries.

    • All chargers included: WIRELESS CHARGER for the watch. Standard USB chargers for the robot and the micro-beacons.

    • The robot and the micro-beacons CAN BE PLUGGED IN A WALL SOCKET in order to film all day long in a conference room or an arena. It also allows to set up PIXEM for months or years at the same place.

  • Maximum Load: Up to 5lbs (2,5kg)​

  • Transport: Designed to be very easy to pack and to take with you everywhere. In any standard photo bag > 8,7x3,9x5,9in (> 22x10x15cm).

  • Dimension

    • Robot : 6.7x4.0x4.0 in - 280 Oz 17x10x10 cm - 800 g​

    • Beacon : 4.0x2.0x0.8 in - 2.3 Oz 10.5x5x2 cm - 65 g

    • Watch : 2.8x2.0x0.8 in - 1.9 Oz 7x5x2 cm - 50g

  • Warranty: 2 years​

  • Automatic Zoom: 

    • With compatible cameras & smartphones & tablets.

    • Fixed otherwise

  • Multi Users​: Track 1 to 16 watches.



Take Control; with your Smartphone/Tablet

  • The PIXEM Remote is the application to control your PIXIO, PIXEM & PIXEM 2 auto-follow cameraman for individual sports and scene :

  • Select if you film with a camera or with a smartphone/tablet mounted on the robot,

  • Start/stop the recording,

  • With the free PIXEM2 Remote App

2023 PLEDO YoloBox Pro (4).png
2023 PLEDO YoloBox Pro (5).png

Best image quality on the market

  • PIXEM Camera allows you to film yourself automatically with a PIXEM robot:
    - connect PIXEM Camera to your robot (bluetooth)
    - automatic zoom
    - remote recording control from the PIXEM watch
    - live stream your videos

  • With the free PIXEM2 Camera App

2023 PLEDO YoloBox Pro (4).png
2023 PLEDO YoloBox Pro (5).png
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