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For countries other than the United States, Canada, and South Korea, please request the PURCHASE ORDER

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Want to purchase YoloBox Pro for your sports live streaming at best price?

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YoloBox Ultra


  • Up to 4 HDMI inputs

  • No Computer or OBS required

  • All-In-One: Encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor all in one

  • YoloBox & Instream in one: support horizontal and vertical streaming

  • Touch screen control: Production at your fingertip, great ease to operate

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DC5V/9V/, 12V/15V



  • Height: 27.1mm

  • Width: 140mm

  • Length: 219mm

  • Weight: 981g



  1. HDMI IN 1: Video Input

  2. HDMI IN 2: Video Input

  3. HDMI IN 3: Video Input

  4. HDMI IN 4: Video Input

  5. HDMI OUT: Video out to monitor or computer for Zoom/Skype meetings

  6. ETHERNET PORT: Connect to Internet by Ethernet cable

  7. USB Type-A 3.0: Video input ( Support: webcam; portable storage device ; wireless usb dongle.)

  8. USB Type-A 3.0: Video input ( Support: webcam; portable storage device ; wireless usb dongle.)



9. USB Type-C: Only for charging

10. LINE IN(3.5mm): Stereo, connect to electric guitar or synthesizer

11. MIC IN(3.5mm): Mono, connect to microphone for recording

12.AUDIO OUT(3.5mm): Connect with monitor headphones

  • EPA Tier 3

  • EPA Tier 4

  • EPA Regulations

  • China National Standards

13. USB Type-C: A fully functional interface supports input

14. 1/4'' Screw Hole: Mount Ultra with camera

15 Nano-SIM Card Holder: Insert SIM card to connect to Internet

16. SD Card Holder: Used for recording and loading graphics

17. Power Button: Turn on and turn off


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Powerful Key Features

4 HDMI Inputs

Connect More, Experience More
Amplify Connectivity, Minimize Limitations


YoloBox & Instream In One, Angle it your way. Stream to your favorite platforms.


Versatile Input & Output, Next Level Production Flexibility

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Cellular Bonding

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Bond a total of 5 network connection, including 3 cellular, Wi-Fi & Ethernet.

Deliver rock-solid reliable videos to make your live stream in breakable

A Pro Tool, Made For Everyone

Comparing YoloBox Ultra vs. YoloBox Pro vs.YoloBox Mini vs. Yololiv Instream

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