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The Ultimate All-in-One Multi-Cam Live Streaming Studio


YoloBox Pro
YoloBox Pro

Want to purchase YoloBox Pro for your live streaming at best price?

Powerful Key Features

Powerful, Versatile, Constantly OTA Upgrading.
While incredibly compact and portable, the YoloBox Pro lives up to its name with constant updates of professional functionalities.

Various Captures. Multi-Cam Production

YoloBox Pro

Premium Features are FREE


Stream Simultaneously to Multiple Destinations

  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube, and any other RTMP(S) websites at the same time to get more views.

Game Changer: NEW FEATURES


Auto-Switching for Multiple Video Sources

  • Pick your sources & how long to stay on each one. You can even prioritize your main camera. YoloBox Pro will automatically switch for you. Perfect for single-person multi-cam live productions.

Supercharge Live Streaming


Inviting Guest - Wireless Source

  • Welcome and create a real-time conversation with interviewees, guest callers, co-hosts, or on-site correspondents. Easily join using a web browser on mobile devices and webcam-equipped computers. (No software installation required.)

Add Overlays for a Pro Look


Brand Your Live Stream By Adding Logos/Low-thirds/Countdwon Timer Overlays

  • Take the advantages of the built-in graphics by adding logos, lower thirds, countdown timer ovelays and more to look like the professionals that you are.


YoloBox Pro for Worship


  • With YoloLiv you could livestream and record a sermon all yourself, no professional team required, without the need for a big budget. Let YoloLiv take your worship service beyond the bounds of the building to reach out more with your community.


YoloBox Pro is a video switcher, encoder/streamer, monitor, recorder and audio mixer all in one. With built-in restreaming service, native support integrates directly with YouTube/Facebook/Twitch, adding graphic overlays (logos, lower-thirds, picture in picture, scoreboard, rolling captions) and featuring comments to the stream, Side-By-Side, Split-View and much more. 

YoloBox Pro


  • 8 inch LCD (Display)

  • 400 nits (Brightness)

  • 3 HDMI Inputs

  • One for charging: Another full-featured USBC

  • Line In and MIC In

  • QualComm 660 (CPU)(2x Powerful and More Software Possibilities)

Comparing YoloBox Pro vs. YoloBox Ultra vs. YoloBox Mini vs. Yololiv Instream

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