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10 Live Streaming Video Tips to Help Build Your Business by Rhett Power

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

You already know that video is a powerful tool for building your brand and your business. While text content is still effective and necessary, it should be supplemented with video. Video gets more attention and helps create a deeper connection with your audience. It allows people to see you and to see your products and services in more detail. It allows you to convey information differently than text.

When it comes to building an audience, utilizing more than one or two mediums is good practice. A mix of text, graphics and video is ideal, as it allows you to reach people with different learning and consumption styles and abilities.

Live video is still in its early stages. People have only recently been tapping into its potential. With the rising popularity of Facebook Live, though, it’s easy to see that live video is only going to get bigger. Here are 10 tips to use it to build your business:

1. You Won’t Be Perfect At It Right Away, So Keep Practicing

You may be hesitant to go live because you feel like you can’t make any mistakes and there is no way to edit them out if you do. This is understandable, but it’s also part of the charm of live video. Going live regularly is the best way to improve your skills.

2. Keep It Short

People don’t have much in the way of attention spans these days, so keep it short and sweet.

3. Open With The Takeaway

Let people know right away what they will get out of your video. This helps keep them engaged. If you don’t get to the point right away, they will click off. It’s also a good idea to let your audience know where you are.

4. Be Professional

Yes, you are live and that means things may go wrong and the video won’t be perfect, but you can still maintain a professional attitude. Keep your language and environment consistent with your brand.

5. Don’t Forget To Share Your Videos After The Fact

It’s often the case that live videos aren’t viewed until after they’ve been shot. That’s okay, just make sure you continue to promote your live videos after they’ve aired.

6. Use Live Videos To Increase Engagement

Now we’re going to talk about ways to use live video for your business. Question and answer sessions are perfect for live video.

7. Use Live Video For Interviews

Another great way to use live video is interviews. You could interview customers, employees or upper management. These are a wonderful way to build relationships and increase engagement.

8. Live Events, Live Video

If you are attending or hosting a live event, video is a great way to share it as it’s happening.

9. Plan Your Video Ahead Of Time

Just because you’re live doesn’t mean you can’t be intentional. Create a loose script with some talking points and do a “rehearsal” before you go live. This helps ensure you don’t forget anything you need to cover.

10.Engage In Real Time

When people join your #broadcast, acknowledge them if possible. This may not always be practical, but talking directly to viewers, sharing locations and responding to comments and questions is great if you can do it.

These tips can help you grow your audience and boost your business by utilizing the power of #live #video. Don’t be left behind, go live today!



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