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ClearCaster Time Sales Event with 10% off

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Wowza #ClearCaster bringing Reliable #Encoding to Any Destination

  • Encoding to Any Destination

Use trusted #encoder presets to deliver #RTMP(s) to any destination, including defined workflows for #Facebook, #YouTube, and #Twitter.

  • Adaptive Network Encoding

Increase reliability with #adaptive network #encoding, which constantly monitors network health and automatically decreases bitrate in adverse conditions.

  • Simplified Workflow Management

Use the cloud-based #ClearCaster Manager for command and control, as well as real-time health #monitoring over all your appliances.

▶ Territories: U.S.A only

▶ US $4,945.50 + free shipping

▶ Promo Code: unatof

▶ ENDS: May 19.2019


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