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Create totally pro virtual classes + online video, minus cost and complexity

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Are you among the many educators and trainers who have recently had to move from in-person courses to virtual classes and on-demand curricula?

If so, you already know that creating engaging online courses requires a very different set of tools than you’ve used in a traditional face-to-face teaching environment.

We can’t count the calls we’ve gotten from educators, artists, trainers, and other professionals who need a simple solution for recording lectures, presentations, and demonstrations and then transforming them into media-rich videos that convey key concepts or processes effectively.

Whether you’re steaming to your audience live or creating a library of online videos, Wirecast provides the tools you need to deliver content with the look of a professionally produced piece. Wirecast gives you all of the functionality you need, without technical complexity.

If you’re looking to connect more effectively with more engaging video content, check out the use case, case study, or start-up guide tailored to your industry. You might be surprised at how easy it can be to bring your ideas to life!


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