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How to Stream to Facebook Live

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

#Facebook launched its live streaming service in August of 2015. At first, it was only available to select celebrities and verified profiles. #Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was among the first people ever to stream live on Facebook using his phone. Five months later, in January 2016, Facebook opened up the feature to all Facebook app users. Now, anyone using their mobile device and the Facebook application can stream live to Facebook.


The easiest way to stream to #FacebookLive is using the Facebook App on your Phone – but it's not necessarily the best way. In June, 2016, Facebook announced the "#LiveAPI" which allowed any authorized 3rd party company, site or service to stream live content to Facebook. #Telestream and #Wirecast were among the very first launch partners for this service and we've been closely working with Facebook to put their robust live API to good use ever since.

Using a #live #streaming production and encoding software like Wirecast can greatly increase the quality of your live streams to Facebook. You no longer have to depend on a shaky, single camera angle from your phone. Now you can use multiple, professional cameras, microphones, titles, graphics and other media sources in your broadcasts.

If you are using Wirecast we've made it as easy as possible to stream to your Facebook pages, profiles, groups or events.

If you'd like to watch a quick video on how to do it, please watch the video here:



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