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G9MD Enables Global Live Mobile Streaming for Healthcare

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Case Study Snapshot

#G9MD’s social business ecosystem and service provide the #medical #industry with #live #streaming and global broadcasting capabilities. #G9MD features presentations, in-depth interviews with faculty, educational conferences, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (#ACCME) credits and more—increasing communication and collaboration to reduce the patient-treatment cost per episode.

Struggling to Balance Security and #Scalability With Ease of Use

G9MD launched in 2010 to fill a huge gap in the global medical community by providing mobile access to surgical meetings and educational content, streamed live to physicians worldwide via G9MD’s healthcare-focused platform.

What started as a simple concept—stream, record, and archive physician lectures and procedures and share them with the medical community—mushroomed into multiple secure social platforms and a streaming service coveted by billion-dollar health care systems globally. As demand for the company’s live-streaming expertise grew, G9MD expanded its offerings to include the G9MD.TV online video platform and #live-#streaming #service: the first of its kind developed specifically for health care. Staying ahead of the medical community’s particular needs with this streaming platform posed the following challenges:

  • Maintain full control of the streaming platform and content security to safeguard privacy and compliance (e.g., #HIPAA).

  • Find a streaming technology partner that supports G9MD’s growth path and commitment to a high-quality user experience.

  • Democratize streaming to let people without technical expertise easily broadcast health-care-related content from smartphones and tablets directly to G9MD’s platforms.

Wowza Provides High-Quality, Reliable and Secure Streaming

G9MD’s social business ecosystem and video-streaming platforms enable people in the medical community to share knowledge and reduce the time and cost associated with traveling to meetings, giving health care providers more opportunity to improve patient outcomes. Content is live-streamed and archived on the private platforms that G9MD customizes for each health care system it serves. The platforms are built on proprietary technologies developed by G9MD and backed by industry leading media-streaming technologies, such as Wowza Streaming Engine™ software and the #Wowza #GoCoder™ app and SDK.

All G9MD platforms and the #G9MD.TV streaming service utilize Wowza™ technologies to provide customers anywhere the ability to live-stream from mobile devices as well as from G9MD’s portable live video production switcher quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality.

Integrating Wowza technologies into its platforms enabled G9MD to create a streamlined solution with the following features:

  • High-quality capture and delivery of content: “In health care, image quality is paramount, especially in surgery; #1080p, going up to #4K—people want to see full anatomical detail, so that’s critical,” says Justin Anderson, G9MD co-founder, president and CEO. Wowza server software and mobile app technologies enable G9MD to support resolutions up to 4K natively.

  • Dependable delivery to any device: Health care workers are very mobile, and Wowza Streaming Engine software enables G9MD to deliver its video streams in a range of streaming protocols to reach any viewing device, anywhere—including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and more.

  • Security, control and configuration: G9MD used the custom configuration capabilities of Wowza technologies to secure every part of the workflow, from incoming and outgoing stream encryption to content protection. The unparalleled security and smart controls built into G9MD’s streaming platforms give customers peace of mind.

  • Live stream recording and distribution: Wowza Streaming Engine server software provides built-in recording of streamed content, which allows G9MD to instantly archive live streams and increase ROI by using the same infrastructure for live and on-demand video playback and distribution within its proprietary platforms.

  • Mission-critical reliability: Secure live streaming requires the highest level of reliability, and Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza GoCoder give G9MD the utmost confidence when marketing its own streaming solutions to leading health care systems.

"Our G9 Live mobile streaming app, built on #Wowza #GoCoder technology, allows anybody to use the device they already have—their mobile phone—to simply push a button and stream directly to G9MD.TV, archive it and let people in health care all around the world watch it. Mobile streaming allows anyone to stream live events without making additional investments in camera equipment and infrastructure."—Justin Anderson, G9MD cofounder, president and CEO.

Benefits Include Time to Market, Brand Control and Flexibility

The G9MD platforms and the G9MD.TV streaming service represent a new era for health care systems, physicians and medical providers, with users in more than 190 countries. G9MD leverages Wowza technologies to help achieve impressive growth and see benefits such as the following:

Faster speed to market: Wowza technology constantly advances as the streaming industry evolves. This allowed G9MD to be among the first companies in the world to have a custom-branded live mobile broadcasting app for health care available for #iOS and #Android devices. G9MD created its app (G9 Live™) in just two weeks with Wowza GoCoder, saving four to six weeks of internal development time.

Brand control and equity: The G9 Live mobile broadcasting app allows the company to provide a branded, end-to-end solution that delivers features to meet the company’s specific requirements and builds brand equity for G9MD within the global medical community.

Flexibility to support future growth: The Wowza GoCoder SDK provides a developer toolkit that will accelerate G9MD’s schedule for its next streaming project: a fully customized live #mobile #broadcasting #app.



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