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How to Use the Very Simple Robot Cameraman, PIXIO

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

A new PIXIO, the auto follow #robot #cameraman is the fruit of the imagination of a team of sport passionate engineers who have chosen to put their skills to the service of athletes. Particularly useful to #riders and popular in the #equestrian world, Pixio works on career as in the carousel. Through four terminals deployed on the track side, your session on horseback is entirely filmed and recorded on your camera that follows you at every step and adapts the zoom to always fit you perfectly. A must have absolute in a stable of sports!

"How could we live without #Pixio until now? It's the first question I asked Eric and Alexander when they were presented for the first time this revolutionary product! Each rider, from around the world, amateur or professional, would equip! This is an investment that will serve you every day to review your sessions, correct your posture, adapt your feeling to the Visual but also work with your trainer remotely and keep track the progress of your horse while filming your sessions. My enthusiasm is boundless and I highly recommend to all the eager to advance rider to take the plunge. Finished smartphones to limited video quality, the Ant in the middle of the screen, the lack of available space, the camera man that trembles… Finished the regrets of not having image first change of foot or the first competition of your horse. Pixio accompanies you on a daily basis to keep track of your best memories and allow you a meteoric rise!" (Camille)


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