PLEDO delivered 15 Wowza Clearcasters to NOVA ENERGY in New Zealand.

Updated: Mar 25

PLEDO delivered 15 Wowza Clearcasters to Nova Energy (formerly Megatel) in New Zealand. This delivery is a result of winning the competition with Ateme’s Titan Live. The Clearcasters receive live streams directly from a master control room at KBS (Korean broadcasting Systems) and YTN in South Korea. It then encodes and sends streams to New Zealand. On the other hand, contents from CP (Contents Provider) are sent via Clearcaster Pro to viewers in New Zealand and the viewers will watch live contents by web or set-top box. This live service also uses Amazon’s AWS-EC2 with Wowza Streaming engines.

Nova Energy is a part of the ToDD Corporation, which is one of New Zealand’s leading energy explorers and producers for around 60 years that provides electricity, natural gas, broadband, and landline home phone.

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