PLEDO supplies the Wowza Streaming Engines to KT(Korean Telecom) in South Korea

Updated: Mar 25

PLEDO recently supplied lots of Wowza streaming engines to KT(Korean Telecom) in South Korea.

KT(Korean Telecom) plans to build and reinforce its streaming cloud system with the Wowza streaming engine purchased this time and also apply the Wowza streaming engine to the remote monitoring platform receiving the latest spotlight.

About KT(Korean Telecom)

Based on more than 30 years of ICT business experience and expertise, KT realizes more than the expectations of customers around the world by providing customized services and solutions for global customers.

KT, which has already been recognized for its technological prowess in many countries and has achieved diverse business results, will continue to strive to provide differentiated values in the global business area.

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