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Professional Facebook Live Productions Made Easy With ClearCaster

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Whether you’re a Kardashian or a social influencer modeling the latest fashions, there’s no doubt about it: You need to be streaming on Facebook Live. Celebrities and brands have capitalized on Facebook video since the beginning; originally, the live-streaming feature was part of the exclusive Facebook Mentions app for actors, athletes and musicians. And the first-ever official #Facebook #Live stream featured #Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing a workout and Q&A session.

Today, Facebook Live is open to the public—and with viewership that has quadrupled since its 2016 launch, this platform offers huge opportunities for celebrities, influencers and web-based productions that need to get their live-streams in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Even more exciting: Facebook Live is driving whole new innovations in content creation. Influencers show off products and direct followers to sales; celebrities host real-time Q&As; and web-based productions integrate traditional elements with online interactivity.

For example, the Today Show’s Mario Armstrong hosts the Never Settle Show: a user-driven talk show where the live studio audience and live virtual audience can participate equally by asking questions, driving segments and choosing guests. Some productions even follow a “choose-your-own-adventure” format where online viewers vote on the action they want to see.

Facebook Live Productions Demand Broadcast-Quality Streaming

Professional streamers need equally professional quality out of their Facebook Live productions. Broadcasters and viewers alike need to know the exact moment you go live, without awkward pauses or, “are we on?” moments captured in front of a worldwide audience. However, our recent study of over 700 video-streaming professionals revealed that many have trouble with equipment, setup and integration when broadcasting to Facebook Live.

That’s why we created the #Wowza #ClearCaster™ appliance: It’s purpose-built to ensure the success of Facebook Live streams, designed with the needs of professional streamers in mind. ClearCaster makes it easy to simply plug in and know that you’re delivering a reliable, broadcast-quality experience to your Facebook followers.

ClearCaster Offers the Simplest Solution for Professional Publishers

Wowza #ClearCaster only takes three minutes and five easy steps to get up and running. Simply plug in, power up, register, activate the device from your Facebook account—and you’re ready to go live. This high-quality appliance delivers the professional streaming experiences you need with the simplicity of going live on your mobile phone.

After the initial setup, starting a live-stream takes only seconds. What’s more, ClearCaster can be fully controlled from any remote location using the Wowza web app, and streams can be started and stopped at any time through the Facebook user interface you’re already familiar with.

Developed in collaboration with Facebook, ClearCaster directly connects to #Facebook #Live’s APIs, so your streaming stays up-to-date. It comes with an HDMI or SDI input, so you can easily connect any video source and deliver broadcast-quality video right to the platform. And ClearCaster delivers in the highest possible resolution: in crisp 1080p, and even up to 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition), when supported by Facebook.

Built for Maximum Follower Engagement

Creating meaningful conversations with followers is crucial for personalities and web productions that need to build their brand. Wowza ClearCaster is purpose-built to engage followers like never before, making it easy for both on- and off-screen talent to interact with followers in deeper ways that help drive loyalty.

Through the Talent View functionality, on-camera talent can see exactly what followers see, exactly when they see it. Live Reactions allow you to gauge your performance and tailor content to your audience on the fly. You can respond to comments from followers in real time, or conduct virtual Q&A sessions. The possibilities are endless—and these opportunities for follower-directed content keep your audience actively engaged.

Another helpful feature is the integrated countdown clock, which cues the exact moment your stream goes live. This creates a more authentic experience for viewers, while eliminating awkward pauses and behind-the-scenes anxiety.

Wowza Keeps Your Live-Streams Going Strong

Facebook Live streamers who capitalize on follower participation can’t afford dropped streams or poor playback quality. But properly configuring Facebook Live can be tough for those who aren’t streaming engineers, since the platform has specific settings and requirements that must be met for successful broadcasting.

Wowza #ClearCaster eliminates these problems, since there’s no manual configuration required. It auto-configures the optimal encoding settings for your use case and network conditions. And real-time stream health monitoring capabilities automatically adjust on the fly to keep up with changing network conditions. Just plug it in, and we’ll take it from there.

For further peace of mind, every #ClearCaster purchase comes with three years of hardware and software maintenance and support, including 24/7 phone, email and chat help. What’s more, if you leave the device plugged in, push updates will ensure it always has the latest features and functionality.

#Facebook #Live offers unmatched opportunities to engage more deeply with your current followers while expanding your reach to massive audiences around the globe. The platform’s interactive capabilities offer a fun way to tell your story and brand yourself or your company. With the proven streaming experience of Wowza, ClearCaster is the most effective way to leverage the audience and impact of Facebook Live.



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