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Registering Wowza ClearCaster with Wowza

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Before you can send a live video stream from #Wowza #ClearCaster™ to #Facebook #Live, you must register the ClearCaster device with a Wowza™ account and associate (pair) it with a Facebook account. You can pair the ClearCaster with the Facebook account you want to use for sharing your Facebook Live streams during the registration process. Or you can wait until later to Pair Wowza ClearCaster with Facebook.

Note: If you don't have a Wowza account to register your ClearCaster, create a Wowza account.

Video Tutorial: Wowza ClearCaster registration and pairing

Register Wowza ClearCaster with your Wowza account

1. Turn on the power to the ClearCaster and wait for an activation code to appear in the LCD. This may take a few seconds. 2. Go to Wowza ClearCaster Manager and sign in with your Wowza account. 3. Enter the activation code displayed in the ClearCaster LCD into the ClearCaster Activation Code box on your account webpage, and then click Activate.

4. In the Activate a New ClearCaster Device dialog, do the following and then click Activate.

  • Enter a name in the Name this ClearCaster box.

  • Select what Facebook service you'd like to Use this ClearCaster with: or Facebook Workplace.

Note: Using your Wowza ClearCaster with Workplace by Facebook is by invitation only. Contact Wowza Support to request access. For more information, see Configure Wowza ClearCaster to stream to Workplace by Facebook.

  • Review the Wowza ClearCaster Software End User License Agreement and the Wowza Privacy and Cookies Policies

5. Before you can publish ClearCaster broadcasts to Facebook, you must pair your ClearCaster with the Facebook account you'll use for sharing your live stream broadcasts. You can associate (pair) your ClearCaster with Facebook now, during the device registration process, or another time.

To pair with Facebook during registration

  1. On the ClearCasters page, click YES, Connect to Facebook.

  2. When prompted, enter your Facebook account username and password.

  3. After you log in to your Facebook account, click YES, Pair with [Account Name], where [Account Name] is the name associated with your Facebook account.​

To pair with Facebook another time

If you want to pair the ClearCaster to this Facebook account later, or if this isn't the account you want to use for sharing your Facebook Live streams, click No, Do not pair with Facebook, and then see the instructions in Pair Wowza ClearCaster with Facebook when you're ready.

6. The Wowza ClearCaster Manager will display your registered ClearCaster, and if you paired it with a Facebook account, the name of the account it's paired with is shown.

Note: If you need to change Wowza ClearCaster registration details, such as the email address you used to register the device, contact


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