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Streamago Builds on Wowza to Become #1 App

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Streamago is a streaming-media service that connects friends, family and communities around the world. With #Wowza technology, #Streamago created a live-streaming app for iOS and Android that climbed to first place in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

Reliable delivery at scale was crucial for Streamago, which experienced very rapid growth early in its inception. Using Wowza Streaming Engine software, Streamago built a dependable end-to-end streaming solution for #encoding, #transcoding, #packaging, #delivery and #playback on mobile devices.

Streamago CEO Danielle Calebrese describes how Wowza serves as a “building block” for reliable streaming to the platform’s 60,000-plus daily active users:

Streamago is a personal media streaming service available on iOS and Android. It’s used, really, by people that want to share their life as it comes with friends and family. Streamago started a few months ago, and we really wanted to provide an experience enabling people to go live, broadcasting themselves and enabling friends to join the broadcast, to watch and then chat and give candies (feedback). We really wanted to focus on [the] experience that was available for friends, families and communities.

A group of users, of expat Romanians across Europe, started … using the app. I think we were at the right time with the right product. It scaled quickly and it delivered. From that network effect, friends of friends started to see it [and] try it out. It worked for them, and [they created] more streams, and that turned 3,400 daily active users into over 60,000 within three weeks.

I think one of the key partners for us has been Wowza, and it was key to basically our current success. We built native apps [for] iOS and Android with encoders, basically to broadcast, and then players to be able to decode the video coming in, and hold it in an active way. Then on the web, we have both Flash and HTML paste video. But on the back of it, we have a system of delivering both live videos and video-on-demand—all of them powered by Wowza, which heralds on our cloud, distributing to multiple regions across the globe.

The experience is amazing. It’s just shockingly amazing, and at the same time terrifying. Because you have all these people, I mean we are now streaming over four years’ worth of video every day, and we went from a few dozen live streams a day to over 50,000. So the numbers are staggering—but besides the numbers, it’s the experience of providing communities with something that they value and they use, and more and more people come. If you don’t load the app, there’s a button to go live and a button to check the stream on #AppleTV. You go to stream Apple TV, and you will see the stream, the flow of people coming in live and in each of the channels, lots of people watching, commenting and doing stuff.

So that, of course, brought us to the number-one app in the [Apple] App Store and Google Play, which was another incredible thing, because everything has been done organically. So we didn’t have to do any overactive marketing activities.

On the other side of that experience is the terrifying effect of, “Oh my God, we need to make it work.” Wowza and other core pieces of our technology are delivering for us—because growing this quickly and this fast, if you don’t have the right partners and you haven’t really built … the building blocks, we would have by now failed and just collapsed on our own weight.

Written by Wowza Media Systems



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